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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 27, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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let's show you the true view radar. and you'll be able to see a lot of rain -- we have rain overnight and more rain in the forecast. look at the carolinas. some very heavy rain and thunderstorms too. if it's not raining right now at your house, i guarantee later today we'll see more measurable rain. and we have the potential for flooding rain off to the west during the next 24 hours. temperatures are cool. 68 at reagan national. 67 in fredericksberg. 72 in ocean city to start your morning. 63 in frederick. our highs later today only in the low to mid-70s. cool and cloudy out there. rain heavy at times. could be thunderstorms as well. wild have more details on the forecast, let you know about where the flood watch is in a couple of minutes. allison and tony, back to you. our top story, a deadly shooting overnight in landover, maryland. >> police found a man shot in the 3400 block of dodge park show. days ago another man was found shot in the vehicle -- in a
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vehicle in the same area. we are following it still- developing story all morning. sarah simmons, good morning. >> reporter: that's right, it was the same block, the same area on dodge park road where this occurred, similar to a shooting that happened eight days ago in the same area. now place say last night's shooting happened 10 minutes before midnight. police are telling us a man was found suffering from a gunshot wound, but i spoke to a resident who said he thought -- saw it all take place before his eyes and told us exactly what happened. and others are just very concerned as well. >> i heard the crash and then there was a guy that got out of the van, walked up to the cadillac and they had some words and a shot went off. then the guy got out of the cadillac, they got to tussling, he ran, the guy shot him again on the steps and the guy ran up the steps and died. so we just called the police. >> it's scary.
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i can't even imagine it around here. it's calmed down so much around here. it is not the same like it used to be. >> reporter: now again it was september 18th, when prince george's county police say 22- year-old donald eugene rieves was found shot to death in this same block, 3400 block of dodge park road. at this point police don't know if the two shootings are connected. they are continuing to investigate and still looking for suspects. live in landover, sarah simmons, back to you. >> sarah, thank you very much. montgomery county police are searching for the driver in a hit-and-run that happened on saturday night around 8:00. the victim was walking in silver spring in the 8700 block of carol avenue near piney branch road. police say the driver of a dark- colored sedan struck and dragged 24-year-old daniela ali and then sped off leaving the side mere. she's hospitalized in serious condition. many say this narrow stretch
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can be hazardous. >> i've seen a crossing guard almost get hit trying to cross the kids to school. so people don't go by the speed limit. >> it's a busy street. you have to look and see what is coming. make sure you are out of harm's way before you get into your vehicle. >> looking for a small, clark- colored sedan, maybe a honda, with possible damage to the headlight and right side of the hood and windshield. and now a high pro file murder case. a woman convicted of killing a chevy chase doctor has been found dead in a state hospital. she is now the victim of murder. susan sacks was found face down in her bed on sunday morning strangled. she was convicted in the murder of dr. joyce hey dell. the doctor's body was found in carroll county. she had been in custody at the state hospital in jess off,
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maryland. the man accused of killing her is in custody, convicted of a murder in the 1990s. it's not clear how he got into her room. big story we're following this morning. president of barack obama saying d.c. schools are struggling. in a tv interview that aired this morning, the president said his daughters couldn't get the same quality education at a d.c. public school as they do as their private school. but the president did say important steps have been made toward reform. and that only adds to the national spotlight already on the district and at schools. the country is watching to see whether school chancellor michelle rhee will continue her role after mayor fenty is out of the mayor's office. it is an answer a lot of people are waiting for, including the secretary of education. and gurvir joins us with more on this. >> reporter: it was no secret that d.c. school system was
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falling apart at the scenes when adrian fenty took office. so he took control of the schools and appointed a chancellor. she's taken drastic steps to turn things around including controversial news and now the future is unclear with fenty leaving office. she was hundred big name that wants her to stay right where she is. >> well i'm a huge fan of what he and michelle have done. >> reporter: arne duncan hit meet the press, putting his support about michelle rhee and talking about his admiration for adrian fenty. >> by any measure the d.c. public schools are better today than when it started. >> reporter: but does the support come too late. duncan didn't campaign for fenty but he is campaigning or other democrats across the country. >> i can't weigh on every single one. there are national candidates i need to drive. but mayor fenty did i think a
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remarkable job of improving the quality of education. >> now with fenty voted out of office and vincent gray likely the next mayor. rieves' future is unclear. while many changes are accepted, they disagree with the way michelle rhee has gone about it. but will she stay? >> i still have to determine that and i have to talk to mayor gray. but i think the important thing is to realize education reform can continue in d.c., regardless of whether i'm there or not, as long as the leadership is willing to make the tough decisions we've made. >> so basically we still don't know the answer. the question is still unanswered. but one thing is for sure, people around the country are watching to see what happens.
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back to you. >> thank you, gurvir. and we continue now to follow a developing story overseas. the obama administration working hard to keep mideast peace talks alive now that the 10 month settlement construction slowdown has expired. they said they would quit peace talks about they resume building. hillary clinton and george mitchell are talking with officials from both sides. former prisoners at abu gabe want their cases heard by the supreme court. it was six years since donald rumsfeld promised to compensate iraqis abused but there have not been any payment payments -- payments. 30 former prisoners are suing. the high court is expected to announce this week if it will hear arguments in the case. democrats are trying to save up a growing republican tide as we head closer to the
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mid-term elections. the white house is trying to reach out to the same voters that helped propel president obama a few years ago. the president plans to take his message to college campuses. this is days after the pledge to america strategy by the republicans. >> we have a plan to move this country forward and to strengthen middle class families and to make a difference over time. >> we can begin to talk about potential solutions but i'm committed to having that adult conversation with american people because it's important for our kids and grandkids. >> yesterday former president bill clinton traveled to massachusetts to campaign for congressman barney frank. more than 100,000 young people make emergency room visits because of sports- related brain injuries. it's a hot topic with football season kicking off.
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we'll talk with experts next to help parents protect their kids. plus -- >> an emergency landing caught on camera from inside the plane. we'll tell you what happened next. it's 8 minutes, coming up on 9 minutes after 9:00. .an [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart.
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according to the centers for disease control, about 135,000 young people age 5-18 make emergency room visits each year because the sports-related brain injuries, most of them concussions. now football and soccer injuries are common. but children also get concussions while bicycling, cheerleading and playing. you can't cover your kids in bubble wrap but you can do things to keep your children safer. joining me now is dr. gerard
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joya from the safe concussion outcome recovery at children's national medical center. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> for the record, most of us have an idea of what a concussion is, but what is it? >> it is an injury to the brain where we believe -- we talk about the software of the brain, the electric chemical systems seem to be impaired. we believe the injuries do not result in damage to the structure or tissue, necessarily, of the brain, but in some cases it could. and it results from a blow that jerks the brain back and forth significantly enough to release those electro chemical problems. >> i know there is fluid between the brain and skull. does the brain itself hit the cul when this happens? >> it can. but the mechanism is the stretching than anything. >> got you. there are signs that people can look out for. we'll put this information on screen, some of the symptoms of con acquisition and show some
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of the emergency signs but we'll talk while people are looking at that so they can get an idea. but give me a general sense of what the signs and symptoms are of a concussion. >> and this is important for parents and coaches to know about this. does the youngster say i have headaches, i'm feeling tired, my balance is off or do we see that in fact they are stumbling around. only one out of ten times do they lose consciousness so that's not something that is the major sign there. but we also see that their memory or concentration is off and they look dazed in the eyes. sometimes the emotions are way off. if they are giddy or crying when that doesn't fit their personality. any of those kind of things followed by a blow is a high suspicion of a concussion.
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>> concussion can be dangerous to anybody. are children particularly susceptible? >> yes, they are. the statistics show that they seem to be. their brains may be more vulnerable to the shaking actions. their necks are less strong and may shake back and forth more than usual and they are involved in risk-taking activities and that can make a difference. >> are some concussions worse than others? >> there is a range. we might talk about a mild, momentary for a few minutes to hours and then they can go on days and weeks and months. they can range in severity. >> and how often do they lead to developmental problems for people? >> fortunately that happens less of the time. the issue here though is that when someone has taken multiple
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hits, cumulative hits, that seems to increase the chance they'll have these long-term problems why is why we want to put this in place. >> going to put up some signs particularly, not just after multiple hits but in general. these are things you need to look out for. a lot of focus on this now. what can parents do, 195,000 emergency visits by children every year now and frequently for concussion. what can parents and schools and coaches do to protect kids? >> the first is knowledge. go to the cdc website. there are materials, video, training programs for coaches. and there you will find these danger signs, the emergency signs. you'll find clip board stickers that you can order for your teams. you can down load forms off of the website that those those signs and symptoms.
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and i say to a parent if you have your child involved a risk sport, put that on the side of a refrigerator and if they come home with those signs or symptoms, get to your doctor. >> and can you see a time, might we head toward a time where a kid -- a children's access to some of the sports will be bimitied because of the threat of con acquisition? >> the threat -- the threat -- permitted because of the threat. >> and some suggest they steer toward a sport that is not collision oriented. we don't have enough information to predict that but we're trying to look at that and trying to find ways to teach kids to fish ate games -- officiate safety. and are there advancements
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made in the treatment of concussions. >> absolutely. we are doing a lot of kids of how to rest the brain and not return. >> doctor, thank you very much. we're glad you came in and talked. and this is more information at our website that we will link to the cdc website. just go to allison, back to you. >> tony, thank you very much. and a couple of ticks away from 9:18 and holly is getting ready for fall with her annual trip to the corn maze. and she has another question to get her way out. >> you can see us coming? the redskins cheerleaders are helping us through the maze this year and their pom poms are providing the sunshine for us. and we are coming up to question number four. so be honest with, is this almost as fun as beating
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dallas. >> no. nothing compares to that. >> let's see if my little passport -- i'm taking one for the team here. what is the left-handed handshake a sign of? remember the whole team is boy scouts. they're celebrating the 100th year so the 24-acre maze has been carved out for the boys. i'm filling in here. what is the last minute handshake a sign of? is it honor, friendship or trust? all good things. britney, can we start with you? >> i know it's a lot of pressure. you can repeat the answers? >> honor, friendship or trust. when you shake left hands, what is it a sign of? >> friendship. >> honor. >> trust. >> i'm going to say honor. >> reporter: i think we had
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mostly honors. honor means you go left. go left young ladies. were the pom poms up? okay, listen guys, temple hall regional farm is out in leesberg and the fall festival just opened this past weekend. corn maze is part of it but one of the highlights. festival runs on the weekends through the first weekend in november. and don't forget about october 11th and that's column because day and a bonus day. but i need to see the pom poms. where are they? there they are. i think they might need me, guys, so i can go catch up with them. i'm a little worried, i'll be honest with you. >> holly, if they have you, it will be all right. >> thank goodness they have you. a bishop facing allegations of sexual misconduct, comparing himself to david battling goliath. so we'll take a look.
9:21 am
plus -- >> stay down, stay down. >>s in emergency camera caught inside of a airline. we'll talk about it next. who was the first entertainer shown diapering a baby in full view on television? was it lucille ball, carol o'connor? florence henderson or melissa montgomery? if you want to take a guess, do by by heading to our facebook stage. it's 9:21. 
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the atlanta pastor accused of sexual abuse spoke out about the scandal during sunday service. but bishop eddie long didn't get into specifics of the allegations. he's facing four civil lawsuits claiming the head of the church
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lured young men into sexual relationships with gifts. bishop long is blaming the media. >> i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man. , but i am not the man that is being portrayed on the television. that's not me. that is not me. >> the bishop has called for a ban on same-sex marriage and promised to cure homosexuals. frightening moments for passengers on board a delta flight. it's all caught on camera. >> stay down. stay down, stay down. >> a plane heading from atlanta to new york made an emergency landing at jfk airport on saturday night. you can see from the cell phone video sparks flying outside of
9:26 am
the window. the right landing gear did not come down. passengers are praising the pilot's effort. >> i think the pilot did an incredible job. he must have balanced it on one wheel and then eased it over to the wing. so it was pretty -- he did a good job. i was nervous for a minute, i'll tell you. >> it looked like we were going in circles and then they came on and told us why. and i don't know, i'm just really happy to be here. it was pretty cool. >> luckily no one was hurt during the landing. the faa is investigating. flooding in wisconsin is dog a levee to fail this morning and forcing more people to evacuate. people in central wisconsin started fleeing homes when the levy began to fail last night. the wisconsin river has been rising all weekend. people were warned to evacuate but many did not and about 300 are now stranded in the town of portage. the levee has not completely collapsed but it is leaking and
9:27 am
could collapse. the first of three rescue capsules built to lift 33 chilean miners arrived at the mine. once a hole is drilled the man- sized capsule will be lowered into the ground to rescue the workers one by one and should happen by early november. it was a tough weekend for redskins and their fans -- again. up next dave ross looks what went wrong during yesterday's game. and this headline sounds like something in a skyfy -- a sci-fi movie. and top officials talk about what they saw in the sky decades ago. we'll be right back. it's 9:27 now. fiber one chewy bar.
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how'd you do that? do what? it tastes too good to be fiber. you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. do it again. turn it into something tasty. this guy's doing magic. there's chocolate chips in here now. how'd you do that? right! tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. what's she thinking? that's right! i'm not thinking anything! [ male announcer ] fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes. another tough afternoon for the redskins. >> the burgundy and gold fell
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to the st. louis rams 30-16 yesterday. dave ross joined us for a little monday morning quarterback. >> not a good day, guys. this is one i think everybody circled as a win. it's dangerous to do that. but when you look at the schedule, you think this is one they have to get. and the reason they didn't get it, they couldn't stop the run. >> and as disappointed and frustrated i was yesterday, i will give st. louis credit. they played well. they wanted it. and that young quarterback. >> sam bradford. and all of the things they worried about. and they couldn't stop the run. and they couldn't stop the pass against texas. and we knew steven jackson would be a guy they would have to stop but we didn't know kenneth darby would be a guy to stop. i loved him when he did wishing well in the '80s. >> that's terrance darby. >> but maybe this guy was wishing well.
9:32 am
but this was the dagger touchdown in the second half. the skins have come back and there is steven jackson laughing on the side lines, but mcnabb not so much. and when you felt like the skins took the lead, it didn't happen. and they got out play and and maybe outcoached in the second half. >> i would agree with that. didn't expect that to happen with mike shanahan. >> but they were throwing everything at them. and it was like the rams were using the pass to set up the run. >> that mantra, yes. one guy who is probably not so happy today and we'll go out to the redskins park in over an hour and talk to clinton portis. he was only used 7 times yesterday. he did had 44 yards. shanahan said the new plan was to use ryan torain. he was signed off the practice squad on second down and portis
9:33 am
would come in on third down. which is unusual. is there a rift there? that was a big play and he had a big game but went down without any contact. and i found your discussion with the doctor this hour very interesting because he had a serious concussion a year ago and if you look here again, it looks like a guy who wants to avoid contact and you can't blame him. he just went down on his own accord. you just wonder, has he taken one too many hits? i hope not. because you can't do that as a football player u. don't admit to injuries because people go after you. you hope he is okay, but when you see that, it makes you worry that maybe he does not want to bust it up and drop the shoulder and lower the head to get fire more yards when he could go down. we'll find out about that today. next week it is no easier. they have the eagles, michael vick. and we see how he's playing. and they need to turn around,
9:34 am
and quickly, because the schedule doesn't get easier. >> it sounds like mcnabb in philadelphia. >> that's the good thing because he'll be superfired up and i think the team will be fired up, seeing what is going on in the last couple of weeks. it will be tough to go there and play the eagles. >> and think about where he's come from to where he is today, it's amazing. >> in it to win it. >> i don't know what the issue is with portis, i don't think he has it. >> i hope he's okay. i think he's physically okay but you don't want to tell a guy not to do that. he has the right to go down if he feels like he can't take the hit. >> well you'll find out more today when you go to the stadium -- or to the park. tucker barnes joining us. does it continue to be the day that it started out as? >> it's cloudy with mist now. and rain later today. rain on the radar, moving up from the south and w. and once it moves in, it will be in to hurry to get out of here. and not much rain this month so
9:35 am
we need the rain. >> that is true, tuck. >> thanks, allison. it is true. hd raider showing mist. not much in the way of measurable rain. a couple of light showers off to the west, west of leesberg. not even picking it up here on hd radar. but a lot of clouds out there, and foggy and misty with the warm up temperatures back into the 70s here. and you can see the rain streaming in from the south and west. that's how we know it will be a rainy day. a lot on the map here and you can see shower activity into central virginia. look at the dark yellow or reds off the carolina coast. this is storm activity and some of it has been severe. all of that is lifting up fors the mid-atlantic. so later this afternoon, in addition to rain, we could be talking about the potential for some thunderstorm activity and with it, the potential for some flash flooding as we could pick
9:36 am
up between 1-3, maybe in a few spots to the west 4 inches of rain, over the next 24 hours. and we'll get a lot of rain in the next 24 hours because the area of low pressure will lift up out of the app latchans and out -- app latchans. and 72 for you in leonardtown. our high temperatures only in the mid-70s, which is well below where we should be, with a good chance we'll see afternoon showers and thunderstorms, not just this morning but in the late afternoon. rainy, could be a thunderstorm. winds out of the south and east at 5-10. clouds tonight and rain continues, 68. winds out of the south and east at 10 miles per hour. we'll get it out of here
9:37 am
tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon maybe a peek of sunshine. more rain on thursdays, so this is called an unsettled pattern with increasing chances of rain the next couple of days. and notice no 90s on the five- day forecast. this is the first time we've done this since late may. that's a look at the forecast. back to you at the desk, tony and allison. >> tucker, thank you very much. this morning holly may be lost. >> she is at the temple hall farm regional park annual corn maze. i think she's got it under control. there are the pom-poms. right, holly? >> reporter: let's see what question we're at. the big reveal. back at question number four. let's try it again. what is the left handed handshake a sign of? of honor, friendship or trust?
9:38 am
honor, friendship or trust? >> is it trust? >> trust. >> trust. >> i trust thatter correct. head that way, ladies. let's keep on going, as you can see we are continuing to navigate through the 24-acre corn maze here at temple hall regional farm with the redskin cheerleaders, being such wonderful sports and helping us out this morning and doing great. they are so anxious to run in the mud that they missed question number five. and how many of you are first- year redskin cheerleaders. >> the lindseys. >> reporter: and how has it been? >> it's a great experience. >> reporter: even better than you expected? >> yes. >> reporter: even after today. >> yes, even after today. >> reporter: and were you guys assigned this job? >> no. we volunteered today. >> yes. we volunteered. >> this is voluntary. >> happen to be here. >> and they are not volunteering for any other assignments the rest of the season. just kidding. they are so much fun. and we are having a wonderful
9:39 am
time. and i'm going to find question number five. okay. in first aid, what does a.b.c. stand for? is it always be careful, airway, breathing circulation, or accident, burn, crash? talk about it amongst yourself. and we've come together. we're going to b which is airway, breathing circulation. i have a feeling they might be right. which is the way you feed to go. head right, head right. pom-poms up. here is what you need to know. again, that you can come and run the corn maze throughout the fall season on the weekends here, friday, saturday and sunday. the temple hall regional farm here in leesberg. and they also have columbus day
9:40 am
and the corn maze is one. keep going, you look great. and they have a lot more than just the corn maze going on here. you can spend a whole day here and not get tired and do a bunch of different fun activities. i have to go. i have to retrieve the ladies and see if we can make it to the end. we have until 10:00, right? we should be good. >> all right, holly. i keep thinking if there is a farmer out there who isn't e cheerleaders s going on and running with their pom-poms he'll be in for quite a surprise. >> maybe. are there aliens out there? well a group of former air force officers believe there are. we'll tell you about the evidence they say they have to prove that they exist. first -- there is justin beiber. another look at today's video
9:41 am
question. who was the first entertainer shown diapering a baby in full view on television? the answer is coming up in just a little bit. you don't want to miss it. we'll be right back.
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a group of former air force officers are convinced that space aliens exist. they claim to have government documents to prove it. we're going to learn more about it when they speak at the national press club later today. robert salas said aliens have their eyes on our nuclear weapons. while on duty in 1967 he said unexplained red lights lit up the skies over montana. moments later he said the alarms on ten nuclear missiles sounded and then mysteriously shut down. >> we were never debriefed after that. we were ordered not to ever
9:45 am
talk about it so i couldn't even talk to the guards again. the air force has deliberately not the truth not only about my incident but hundreds of others at military facilities. >> that video you were seeing is a simulation of the event. at today's news conference he plans to pass out government documents claiming to be top secret. >> what purpose do they have for fabricating this story? >> i can't wait to hear what they have to say. it strange when you think about they interested in our nuclear weapons part. >> why not? >> they traveled here from some distant planet because of our nuclear weapons. >> you don't know their intentions? >> maybe we'll find out today. >> that's enough add lib. okay, the third annual mix for kids. this is real.
9:46 am
we know this is -- a round of applause here. the mix -- the mix for kids radioathon was a huge success. at last count the benefit for children's national medical center or children's hospital raised more than $426,000. this is more than double from last year. mix 107.3 hosted the event. fox 5 was a cosponsor. tony was out there. and this is a result. real money for the kids. >> so we say thank you to those who called in and donated online. we know these are tough times so that number is fantastic. thank you very much. the weather is getting cooler and good to get a good furry friend to curl up with when it's cold outside. what is going on pretty girl? we have pets coming up in the next hour. supposed to have a dog and cat but we might only have that pretty feline to show you and
9:47 am
that's okay. and we are looking for a perfect, forever home. plus we tip to help holly and the rin cheerleaders get out of the corn maze in leesberg. there they are. her final clue is coming up. we are back after the break. >> reporter: this way. i think i'm feeling good about it. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from t never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacation, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef, and more. find details on specially marked boxes of cheerios. why cheerios? because whatever you love doing, you'll need a healthy heart to do it. ♪
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all morning we've been helping holly through an annual fall event. >> we haven't been doing much but she's getting help from professionals. she's at the temple hills park corn maze with professional cheerleaders. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i sense that we could be getting near to the end. i think we're in the right direction. the redskins cheerleaders are helping me out this morning, some of them that volunteered.
9:51 am
and would youa -- viola. and how do we feel? >> awesome,. >> fabulous. >> i feel great. >> reporter: she feels great. with a little extra there. so i think this might be our last question, guys. and our passport, i'm not sure it can last much more. this question says, how many boy scouts hope to grow up and date a redskins cheerleader? no, that's not a question. i made that up. you know what else i thought of, breakfast, you each get five colonels. no more. and what were the cub scouts called previously? were they wolf cubs, mini scouts or tiger scouts? wolf cubs, mini scouts or tiger
9:52 am
scouts? >> mini scouts. >> that's what i think. >> tiger scouts. >> tiger cubs? >> that wasn't an option, britney, but that's okay. >> the mini scouts. >> i think i might have to do an answer intervention. i was a cheerleader at one time, so maybe i can just be an honorary right now, because i have a feeling it was wolf cubs. >> i think it was. >> i think it was. >> reporter: i think that's exactly -- is that what you said? >> that's what i said. >> reporter: and brittany will lead us to the end. and so go left. that way is left brittany. go left. run, run, run. and here we go. and guess what, we're at the end. woo hoo. can i see a little excitement? there we are. and we are met by paul gilbert who is the executive director of the northern virginia regional park authority. >> we were about to send in the reinforcements.
9:53 am
we weren't sure if you would get out. >> you were going to come in and rescue them. >> we could see the poms and were plotting your course. >> reporter: somebody had to do it, right? we want everyone to see what this looks like here, because this is what the maze from an aerial view looks like and this is a impressive design. >> it is. this is the 100th year of the boy scouts and we have camping, fire starting, hiking, the boy scout salute and you could see all of this from the air. it makes it easier to navigate your way out. but when you're in the middle of it, it's all corn. >> reporter: and how much time should people allow to get through the maze? >> it's about an hour. but that's if you take the correct turns. and if you don't -- >> so it took us two, paul. don't rub it in. here is my passport, officially gone. is our website. we have a link to the fall festival and corn maze, running every week through november 7th and then on monday, column
9:54 am
because day, as well. a special thank you to the redskins cheerleaders that didn't know what they are getting into. but one is hoping get into tv so i'll let her sign off. and this is it, brittany. this is a big deal. it's live tv. >> i'm britney and that's all for the news. >> reporter: i can't top that. back to you. >> holly, i'm so concerned about those boots because i love them so much. with the crystals. can they be cleaned? >> they have turned into wedges. they are no more. >> i hope they can be cleaned. the ladies are troopers and so are you. i can breathe easy. there are millions of pets in shelters waiting for forever homes and if you are thinking about adopting a cuddly friend we have you covered. joining us this morning with an adoptable feline is susan fleishman, a volunteer with paw rescue. paw rescue is short for
9:55 am
partnerships for animal welfare. we appreciate you coming in today. and we should say that we had a young man, lance, who was supposed to make it, but with the weather, who knows. >> we don't know about traffic. but sir lance a lot, you can see him on the website. >> and is this a good name for a cat? >> no. his name came because he is one of six kittens. his mother sheila had five boys and one girl so i had to come up with a make quick to take them to the vet and it became nie, meany, mighty mow and tiny and toe. >> and what kind of cat is he? >> he's an orange tabby. and typically orange tabbies are male, which the strange
9:56 am
part is his mother is also an orange tabby. and he's a sweet boy. they have a good reputation, orange cats, of being good with people and friendly and lovely and he's the kind of cat that would probably come and sleep on your bed. he's six months old so he's still active and playful and the boys play quite a lot. i hear them banging against things and jumping on things. >> doing what kittens do. >> and we appreciate you coming in. and if you are interesting in the pets, go to the website, i want to tell folks about an event going on in downtown silver spring. it is sunday, doug days of downtown silver spring so go to t tha you again. we'll be right back. 
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